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Words are the most powerful weapon we have on this planet. Used correctly they can change the world we live in. Dictatorships and governments, who want to control their citizens, limit the words they receive from the world with an iron fist. They censor, ban or call them out as fake in order to stop ideas getting through to the masses. They all know how potent words can be.

As writers we try to put across new ideas in different ways. Some use the subtlety of fiction and embedding the message deep within a story. A brilliant effect way of making people realise nuggets of wisdom, of pointing the finger at what’s happening in the world. Who can forget how ‘To Kill a Mockingbird‘ taught us about the way blacks were treated in the deep south and encouraged us, through the actions of Atticus Finch, to realise this needed changing.

Others use non-fiction to explain what is happening in the world, using history to point to other times and places where this has happened before. The writers pull historical facts together to make us realise what exactly is happening with the world. Others use the power of newsprint or blogs to get there message across, although in these days of infinite noise, the true message can get lost in the endless cacophony of the internet.

Singer-songwriters have also found a way to tell us of what’s happening in the world. Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, John Lennon and Billy Bragg are ones who used their media to inform the world and get the world to protest. Their words and the music they use to back them up are some of the most persuasive ways to get a message across. Songs are really just stories told in three or four minutes, the music an elegant way to add mood.

The above is an excellent way to get facts across. The words and voice are Greta Thunberg, probably the most passionate campaigners around at the moment. Her words speak volumes and connect youth like nothing before. Adding a popular indie band for the backing makes those word even more powerful. They reach out to you spreading the message.

So what can we do as writers and campaigners against injustice? Just keep on writing about the world, standing up to censorship and those who would want to denigrate our words. We need to make our writing reach the masses, stand up against any ways that may be used to stop the message getting across. You see words are so powerful.

Image by Dimitris Vetsikas from Pixabay

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