Lock Stock & Writers Block (Part One)

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When I was new to writing websites I frequently came across this phrase ‘writer’s block’. A lot of people said they’re having writer’s block and, having no idea what this meant, Google came to rescue.  

I finally got an idea what writer’s block is but still didn’t know what it really meant until… I had writer’s block too. When you ask me what writer’s block is when I’m having a writer’s block, I’d say it’s a dungeon where there’s only darkness. Sounds depressing right? Well, for some people being unable to write is depressing.

My other definition of writer’s block would be- Writer’s block is a critical condition when one cannot form the right words to write and sits staring at a blank page for hours and days, maybe years too.

It is a phase in every writer’s life when they are not able to write anything or when they are out of ideas. It’s the most annoying phase, more annoying than any hormonal mood swing. During this time, no matter how much you bang your head against the wall or hang upside down from the bed till you feel like hurling, you still won’t know what you should write. That’s writer’s block. 

It’s a deadly and the most annoying feeling I have ever experienced in my life. But I realise that all great writers have gone through writer’s block and it can’t be more annoying for them. No matter it was Shakespeare, Edgar Allan Poe or Neil Gaiman, writer’s block has been and still is a nightmare for every writer. You can see some of the tips on overcoming writer’s block by famous writers hereThey all are an inspiration for us to continue writing even if we feel like tossing away our computer screens out of the window (don’t do that, you’ll regret it). 

So all I want you to know it is that overcoming writer’s block is not impossible even if it stretches on for a long time. For every problem, there is a solution. 
I have never really understood how writer’s block starts but I made some of my own observations:

One reason might be that you haven’t written for days and when you sit to write again, words just don’t come up in your mind.

Don’t worry then, it happens to the best of people, it will take time to come back to that pace.

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