Lock, Stock and Writers Block (part 3)

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Times when you’re out of inspiration

The main things which drive you to write are ideas and we get ideas when we are inspired by something and we find it fascinating or worth writing a story on. But at times you’re out of ideas and no matter how many movies you watch, you get no inspiration. Well, no problem! 

We have many ways to seek inspiration and I know that you might be feeling you don’t feel inspired by anything but don’t stop; you will get that right inspiration one day. It can be by listening to music or watching a documentary, everything around you. 

These were the three main reasons that I think cause writer’s block (at least this happens with me). 

All you have to know is that nothing is impossible (yeah, yeah it’s the same old boring line, but very true). Try a little more to write. Start by maintain a diary for writing the events of your day or start a blog or write anything that comes up in your mind, but write. I have found flash fiction very useful during the non writing days, it has given me an impetus to write and many ideas to add on.

The most important thing is to remember the mantra, that is, never stop writing.

Note- Share us what causes you to have writer’s block and how you overcome it in the comments!

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