Christina Louise

A wayward explosion in a paint factory with a touch of idealism and philosophical interest.

Short Biography

My home in the North of Scotland is crazy about Irn Bru. Good old Yorkshire tea, however, cannot be conquered. Trust me. As well as tea, I love musicals, the likes of La La Land and Dear Evan Hansen. I enjoy taking my dog Sophie for walks in the pine forests or a run on the beach.

I’m an artist with a love for travel, and a dream of designing and running my own coffee shop in NYC. Yes, as you can see, I’m also an idealist with extravagant plans beyond what’s actually achievable for me in reality. It never hurts to dream, that’s my philosophy.

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Quite simply, seeing other young people achieving their dreams.

5 years or so. It became an interest of mine when I got hooked on reading at about 13 years old. I started with fan-fiction and gradually moved onto producing my own work (although I still do enjoy writing a good old fan-fiction from time to time, it’s fun and creating everything from scratch can be tedious sometimes, so it’s nice to just be able to write without having to think about all the important stuff.)

For me there are quite a few. Poetry, Sci-fi and Fantasy (sometimes a mix of both) and Contemporary. I guess YA (young adult) would be the age group, although I’d like to think my writing would also be in the New Adult range as well.

Characters is a difficult one. I sometimes base characters on my own nature and those around me. I struggle with creating antagonists or general characters with undesirable qualities. As for settings, I love to look at concept art for inspiration or video game walkthroughs and make a mental note of what makes a particular setting so good, and I try to apply the same rules to my own creations.


wild and noisy disorder or confusion; uproar.



bubbles in a liquid; fizz. / vivacity and enthusiasm.



the low rumble of distant thunder.

Brandon Sanderson is the master of world-building. Simply reading his books taught me so much about how to create a believable and immersive world.

Charles Soule, author of “The Oracle Year”, is an incredible author. His work is well thought out and he knows how to make a book suspenseful and dramatic without killing off any important characters, which has become a trend we see in most books nowadays.

Tommy Wallach, whose book I can rarely get out of my head, is also an underrated and inspiring author. His book, “We All Looked Up” explores a hypothetical yet heavy topic, and is executed to perfection. I could not recommend this author enough.

Stick with the plan! If you have a semi-developed idea, don’t discard it if you suddenly get a better one or lose motivation or interest in it. Stay with it, and flesh it out as much as you can. It might take a lot of time and frustration, but any idea can become something great.

An Owl would best describe me – quiet, observing what others do not, and an omen of bad luck!

Christina Louise's Work


“She wanted to let the water run through her

thin her blood and numb her bones

in the hope that one day

his love would make her whole again.”

“Our Souls

poured like rivers like waves

into the glass of sideways eights always lost

never to be found.”

“She loved the spoondrift of the ocean the incandescence of the night

and the smell of the earth after a rainstorm only a woman with a beautiful soul

and a well mind

would find such wonder in a world of the blind.”


“The world did not end in a bang or a whisper, but rather, one scream at a time.”

For almost a century after the nuclear apocalypse, earth’s remaining survivors have thrived in a utopian society inside ‘The Iris’, a spherical structure designed to withstand and protect its inhabitants from an extinction level event.

Now the outside world has been deemed safe from the after-effects of the war, and Eral Lin is chosen to join the squad team tasked with venturing beyond the Iris for the first time in 900 years.

Eral quickly finds herself in a dangerous territory full of lies, illusion and conspiracy. No longer knowing who in her squad she can trust, she realises that the Iris not only holds everyone’s secrets, but it knows the truth.

With a desperate need to protect her family and humanity’s survivors, Eral and her companion Jasper Hall must tell lies of their own and discover the ominous reality of the world they live in.


“The sun was still rising, climbing the ladder all the way up to the sky’s crest. There, it would sit spreading its light upon memories of a time when millions would have welcomed it, relished it, and then watched it fall back into the deepness of the night.”

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