Map of Plagues

JF Penn

Map of Plagues

JF Penn

A city threatened by an ancient plague.
A love across borders.
A desperate choice that could break their worlds apart forever.

When a fragment of a deadly map is recovered from a medieval plague pit in London, the Mapwalker team must cross over into the Borderlands once more.

In a race against time, they must find the remaining pieces of the map in a journey across long-lost cities before the Shadow Cartographers wield it against Earthside in a devastating attack.

Can Sienna resist the call of the Shadow as she struggles to save her home? Will Finn take a risk on love across borders or leave the Earthsiders to their fate?

I really liked JF Penn’s first book in this series, The Map of Shadows. It was fantasy that I could get my teeth into. I was waiting for the sequel to come out hoping that the ‘difficult second’ book in series didn’t make this a flop. Happily I can say now that it was worth the wait, in fact I enjoyed this more than it’s predecessor.

This time there’s a threat of the the borderlands launching the plague of plagues, infecting refugees and sending the plague across into our world. Sienna has to assemble a crack team to go and stop them achieving a devastating outcome.

Somehow, probably because most of the character building in the first book, this story comes alive very fast and we’re map walking with Sienna to the borderlands soon into the book.

As I say this book, for me, had a better story line and flowed better than the last one, There was far more adventure detailed within its pages. Some of it meeting species that they hadn’t come across before. There’s tension and intrigue liberally sprinkled through the plots. I felt extremely immersed in the shadowlands getting more of a feel for the various lands it encompasses.

The end is good and fulfilling and leaves me baying for the next book. An extraordinary series I’m really now buying into.

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