Ecrivain Academy Year One

Welcome to Ecrivain Academy.
Here in these storied halls you will be trained to become one of the greatest writers the world has ever known.
There are poetry battles.
Friends. Enemies.
Is your story a romance?
Or is it something darker?
Explore all Ecrivain has to offer.
That is, if you can survive until graduation.

A book that yells Hogwarts for authors. How can I not be turned on by this brilliant concept. Imagine a school that you spend your time writing books. What a school to go to. Not just that but you get sorted into houses according to your literary style. If poetry is your thing, then it’s Shakespeare. Romance, obviously Austen. Rather than have duels with wands, you have poetry duels, best poem wins.

It’s the first of a series. Calliope is sent to this ultra secret school in France. Her parents think it’s a tough school where her creative spirit will be crushed, yet even to her surprise it turns out to be a writing school. She won a scholarship there by writing in a competition. Encouraged to write, she quickly falls into the school, although at first everyone treats her frostily.

Not far under the surface is the usual school niggles, bullying, popularity, posh snobs, boys. A good dose of intrigue and death hits us for good measure. This book is fun and easy to read, the style of the writer means this is a quickish read. Elizabeth Dunlap lays enough snags into the book, I was soon stuck into it. The end was good but left it open for the sequel, whilst not quite finishing it off. Yet it didn’t seem to matter in the long scheme of things.

I’d recommend this book to all teens, but especially those who like high school dramas mixed with crime.

This ARC book was sent for a fair and honest review by the author via NetGallery  . The resulting review is my honest thoughts after reading the book.

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