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The murders of a team of United Nations scientists in El Salvador. . . A deadly collision in the waterways off the city of Detroit. . . An attack by tomb raiders on an archaeological site along the banks of the Nile. . . Is there a link between these violent events? The answer may lie in the tale of an Egyptian princess forced to flee the armies of her father three thousand years ago.

During what was supposed to be a routine investigation in South America, NUMA Director Dirk Pitt finds himself embroiled in an international mystery, one that will lead him across the world and which will threaten everyone and everything he knows–most importantly, his own family. Pitt travels to Scotland in search of answers about the spread of an unknown disease and the shadowy bio remediation company that may be behind it. Meanwhile, his son and daughter face a threat of their own when the discoveries they have made in an Egyptian tomb put killers on their trail. These seemingly unrelated riddles come together in a stunning showdown on the rocky isles of Ireland, where only the Pitts can unravel the secrets of an ancient enigma that could change the very future of mankind.

I quite like the world of archaeological thriller series. I thought it went back as far as The Da Vinci Code, yet I was totally wrong. It goes way back and apparently Clive Cussler is one of the leading exponents of the craft. I read one of his a few months back that I found in my dads collection. It was a little out of date in terms of values and beliefs, so I decided to give the benefit of doubt and read his latest, unbelievably the twenty-fifth book in the series. Obviously this author churns them out at a rate of knots, so maybe the ideas are getting a little pushed at times.

Now I like these sort of thrillers that have a past that is painstakingly unpicked in the modern day. This one concerns an Egyptian Princess from the Tutankhamen era who fled Egypt and found her way into Celtic tradition. Dirk Pitt and his faithful companion Al Giordino come across an environmental crisis whilst probing the depths of a reservoir in El Salvador. This combines with another disaster in Detroit and we have another adventure beginning. This travels the world over from New Dehli to Loch Ness and finally to Ireland to a place more famous for Luke Skywalker 😉

So how did I find the book? Well it was a really entertaining read, but still seemed dated. There’s not a lot of character development, although that might be from not reading the series. The back story isn’t quite as good as I expected, no huge discovery that’s of earth shattering proportions. It was a decent read and I’m sure will appeal to his millions of fans, but it left me with a meh. It was a little formulated. The best bits are the pseudo science that come out along with the archaeological bits.

As I say it was a decent read and those of you who like this sort of adventure will lap it up. To me the genre has moved on to be more clever and this struggles to catch up.

What do you think?

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