Beauty in the Breakdown

Tegan Anderson

Beauty in the Breakdown

Tegan Anderson

“We can’t hide like this forever, Josh. How did we even get into this mess?”

Family. Money. Run. Three things that Josh Ray and Clara Roberts have their entire life based around. It’s an endless loop of get away from family, get money and get running.

After a few months of what feels like stability, Josh and Clara have to start the cycle all over again until everything finally comes to an end.

There was something beautiful in the way that things broke down.

‘Beauty in the Breakdown’ represents the importance of trust and self-discovery in an unstable lifestyle through the eyes of Josh Ray, someone who believes that there is always something beautiful in a breakdown.

I’ve had this book in my TBR pile for a couple of years, lurking away in my kindle library. It always seemed to be a summer book, read in the meadows of a hot summer. Well the hot summer’s here and I thought it was a good time to find the book to read.

The author was I believe fifteen when she wrote this, her debut novel. First published in it’s rough form on the teen writing site, Movellas, it was finally published to the world a couple of years in paperback. I can testify that it’s gone through so many changes to be the complete book it is now.

So what did I think of this book? Well I have to say it’s not my normal type of book, however it’s a very good book. A few niggles here and there, but overall it’s a page turner. Half romance, half runaway and half road movie (yeah I know that’s more than one 😉 ). It has an almost American polish to the story. In my mind whilst reading I see the great plains of the US, complete with dirty motels along Route 66. I guess watching too many US sitcoms finally took it’s toll.

The characters are fine, the flow of the story keeps you turning those pages and the description exudes reality. I had the sense of watching a movie whilst reading, which I guess is how the author wanted you to feel. Highly recommended.

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