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Here at Lovethisbook.club, we’re passionate about helping writers young and old write the way they want. Through our forums we offer a  place to get help, share work, get creative feedback and celebrate literature at it’s purest form.

You can be a part of the LTB community by registering for our forums, or by being on our author page.

Our love of books means we also read copious amounts of fiction. On our pages we feature our honest reviews of books we read. If you’ve any suggestions we’ll try to review them at some time.

The site is absolutely free to use and join. We use affiliate links to amazon at times. This helps with a few costs, but you don’t have to use them if you don’t want. If you’d like to contribute in anyway, we would be grateful if you use the ‘Buy me a coffee’ link. 

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I'm a web designer, writer and dreamer from the UK. 

I developed LTB as a way young authors could support each other and promote their work.

I find writing helps with my anxiety and depression.

Shaun Nightshade


Founder & Admin

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